San Francisco 13, Cincinnati 8

My schedule had unexpectedly cleared itself for Sunday morning, so I was excited to get a chance to sit down and watch some real visceral Sunday NFL action, which had been saturation-advertised for the near-year-long “lockout”. What I got instead was this clinker, which seemed to resemble something that would have resulted had I not only drawn up and called the plays, but handled the ball as well.

Apparently the 49ers wound up with more points than whoever the other team was, such that the sole motivation for following the team — the prospect of a dream 1-15 season — has now evaporated. As for the NFL as a whole, the league continues to consistently fail to deliver what it advertises, and further cements its place as the greatest bamboozle in the history of American entertainment commerce.

Niners quarterback Alex Smith, as well as tight end Vernon Davis, reportedly played in the game.